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Emergency roofing is a critical service that aims to swiftly seal your building, halting further water intrusion and minimizing property damage until permanent repairs can be executed.

During severe weather events such as hail storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, derechos, and even ice storms, the immediate and intense impact can lead to roof leaks, flooding, and structural damage within your building. The urgency of the situation necessitates prompt action to mitigate damage.

The speed of response is paramount in emergency roofing. Immediate action is crucial to minimizing the extent of the damage. In disaster scenarios where roofing materials have been torn off or severely damaged, a team of professionals must mobilize swiftly to perform necessary emergency roof repairs. The goal is to stabilize the structure and effectively seal the roof to prevent further leaks.

In such situations, a rapid response can make the crucial difference between successful recovery and substantial loss.

Before & After Shrink Wrap Roof Application

Emergency Roofing Services

Emergency roof repair encompasses services designed to address structural damage to your roof and seal roof leaks promptly, preventing further property damage. This may involve various solutions, including emergency roof tarping or the application of shrink wrap for a relatively short-term fix.

For longer-term temporary solutions, roof shrink wrap can be a more durable option, with the potential to last up to a year or more in certain situations.

The choice between emergency roof tarping, shrink wrap roofing, or other options depends on factors such as your roof type and the specific needs of your situation. In the case of a flat roof, a sealed loose lay TPO membrane may be the optimal temporary roofing solution. The process involves laying a temporary TPO membrane after the flat roof has been torn off.

Once the permanent replacement is approved by insurance, professional crews will return to install a complete TPO roof replacement, including new insulation.

Emergency Roof Repair

After a severe weather event, it’s common for roofs to sustain structural damage, ranging from lifted sections to complete tearing off. In such cases, merely covering the affected area with a tarp is insufficient. Emergency roof repairs become crucial, involving the creation of a solid substrate before installing temporary water-proofing materials to halt roof leaks.

S&S Roofing Pros specializes in storm damage restoration, addressing various aspects such as hurricane repairs for roofs, siding, interiors, exteriors, tornado damage repairs, ice damage repairs, and other requirements for commercial and church roof repairs resulting from both natural and manmade disasters.

Tile & Specialty Roof Repair

As a premier tile roof installer nationwide, our team is adept at managing intricate repairs for slate and tile roofs, extending to emergency repairs for historical properties affected by hail or wind damage.

Our expertise encompasses emergency tile roof repairs across a spectrum of properties, including churches, museums, estate homes, country clubs, and resorts. Our skilled professionals in tile repair and installation are master craftsmen with training in various tile types, ensuring a seamless match in terms of shape, color, and composition for your tiles.

How to Select an Emergency Roofing Contractor

Emergency roofing serves as a temporary solution to halt roof leaks, but entrusting the task to an inexperienced contractor can be risky. You need a professional team capable of swift mobilization, equipped with the necessary resources, and well-prepared to plan for a future permanent roof replacement solution.

Before completing emergency roof repairs, it’s crucial to conduct a professional roof inspection to document any hail or wind damage. Selecting a roofing company with extensive experience installing your specific type of roof is essential. When searching for an emergency roofing contractor, consider the following qualifications:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Experience in installing emergency roof shrink wrap or tarping on multiple projects
  • Experience in installing the permanent roof solution required for your property
  • Expertise in managing staged roofing projects that may involve parallel tear-off and installation
  • Experience in working with insurance companies on roof damage claims

An experienced emergency roofer can help prevent leaks and major issues while providing a lasting permanent roofing solution. S&S Roofing Pros offers emergency roofing and repair services, along with a range of other disaster recovery and general contractor services across various locations in the country.

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Our reroofing experience with S&S Roofing could not have been any better. Office staff was great with the scheduling, adjusted as I needed. They called the week before to confirm and everything was on time. They did a super job. A crew of 10 roofers arrived at 06:45, and were gone at 2:30pm. Looks like a new house. They cleaned up nicely. I would HIGHLY recommend the S&S Roofing Team.
Joe Worsley
S&S Roofing and Construction is awesome! Not only did the entire crew do an amazing job putting our roof on, but I got to meet Wesley The project manager, and Michael the owner. They not only did a fantastic job, they are two wonderful guys that obviously care about people. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and I will be referring everyone I know to them. Thank you S&S for an incredible experience
Garrett ross