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Let’s discuss TPO roof systems.

For commercial structures with a low incline or flat roof, TPO roofing stands out.


Affordability is one factor, but it doesn’t end there.

There are numerous other reasons to consider investing in a TPO roofing system.

In this TPO roofing manual ››

You’ll grasp everything you need to know about TPO roofing, enabling an informed choice for your upcoming roofing project.

Different Membrane Systems

TPO is short for Thermoplastic Polyolefin. It’s a single-ply roofing membrane installed on flat or low-sloping roofs, often with engineered insulation.

The membrane varies in thickness, typically 40 to 80 mils or more, with quality differing among manufacturers.

Mechanical fasteners, adhesives, and heat welding secure the membrane, forming watertight seams around edges and penetrations.

TPO roofing systems aim to create a protective barrier against water, snow, and ice, ensuring the safety and dryness of buildings and their contents. Unique design requirements may apply, but the graphic below illustrates a common installation type.

Untitled design (2)

Fully Adhered TPO System

  1. TPO Membrane
  2. Bonding Adhesive
  3. Fasteners & Plates
  4. Insulation System
  5. Roof Deck

Curious about TPO roofing material?

The single-ply TPO membrane comprises three layers bonded together for strength, flexibility, and impact resistance, incorporating polypropylene-based Thermoplastic Polyolefins.

These membranes may contain additives like EPR or EPDM rubber, talc, fiberglass, or carbon fiber for durability. Formulations include pigments, fire retardants, antioxidants, lubricants, and UV absorbers to enhance performance.

A reinforced TPO roof membrane includes:

Some TPO membranes feature a fleece backing for specific installation needs.


TPO Roofing Manufacturers

Renowned manufacturers deliver premium TPO roofing systems, and among them are industry leaders. Noteworthy companies offering high-quality TPO roofing systems include GAF, Firestone, Johns Manville, Carlisle and Versico Roofing Systems. S&S Roofing, your trusted partner, will assist in selecting the optimal system tailored to your specific needs.

TPO Roofing Warranties

Certified by GAF and Versico systems, S&S Roofing, a trusted roofing contractor, assures Leak-Free NDL Warranties for up to 30 years, guaranteed by the manufacturer.

What is an NDL Warranty?

An NDL (No-Dollar Limit) Warranty is a roof warranty provided by the manufacturer, ensuring protection against leaks due to material defects or contractor workmanship. Recognized as one of the best warranties, it comes with specific terms and restrictions.

Benefits of a TPO Roof

A TPO roof provides notable advantages in key aspects:

Puncture Resistance

TPO excels in puncture resistance, minimizing the risk of leaks. Quality substrate design and installation are crucial for optimal performance.

Energy Efficiency:

Reflective TPO membranes in light colors enhance energy efficiency, reducing heat absorption compared to dark-colored EPDM. This leads to significant energy cost savings.

Value & Cost-effectiveness:

TPO roofing is a cost-effective solution, balancing performance and price. Its material flexibility and quick installation contribute to lower overall costs compared to alternatives like commercial metal roofing.

Long-term Weather Resistance:

TPO demonstrates superior resistance to prolonged heat and damaging UV rays, maintaining durability over time. Its resistance to shrinking ensures the longevity of seams and sealants.

Welded Seam Strength:

The strength of seams is crucial for a weather-tight roofing system. TPO's professionally-installed welded seams create a seamless membrane across the entire roof, ensuring reliability and longevity.

How to Select a TPO Roofing Installation Contractor

The successful installation of TPO roofing requires the expertise of a seasoned commercial roofing contractor, as it involves a specialized field demanding meticulous craftsmanship and strict adherence to manufacturer standards. Navigating the complexities of roof systems necessitates a contractor well-versed in the nuances of TPO roofing.

In the aftermath of hail or wind damage, partnering with a contractor who provides comprehensive support becomes paramount. S&S Roofing, a reliable choice, commits to guiding you through every phase, offering emergency repairs, temporary TPO roofing solutions, and full installations.

Selecting the right TPO roofing contractor is critical. Look for one that is:

  • Licensed, bonded, and insured in your state.
  • Manufacturer-trained and certified, ensuring top-quality workmanship and warranty options.
  • Experienced in handling your specific flat roof type across multiple projects.
  • Proficient in managing staged roofing projects, including parallel tear-off and installation.
  • Skilled in navigating interactions with insurance companies for damage claims.

A seasoned contractor not only ensures a robust roofing system but also guards against leaks and major issues, providing longevity for decades to come.

S&S Roofing stands among the Top 100 Roofing Contractors nationwide, a testament to their expertise and reliability. Beyond TPO roofing installation, their extensive services encompass various roofing systems, shrink wrap solutions, roof tarping, loose lay membrane roofing, emergency repairs, water removal, damage restoration, mold remediation, catastrophic damage inspections, property documentation, testing, fencing, disaster recovery, permanent roof replacement, interior restoration, and general contracting. With a track record on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies, S&S Roofing is a trusted partner for comprehensive roofing solutions and beyond.

TPO Roofing Projects we Completed

The images and videos showcased below capture diverse stages of TPO roofing projects, all skillfully executed by S&S Roofing.

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